Forensic Accounting

A weak internal control environment can lead to fraud and embezzlement losses. Sorenson Business Consulting, Inc. is here to help you safeguard your business against such losses by setting up a structure that will protect your business from losses before they happen.

Don't spin your wheels looking into discrepancies in your financial reports. Our forensic accounting and fraud examination team has the tools and skills to get to the bottom of all things money-related. We'll work through your financial records efficiently and meticulously and submit our findings in a clear, concise manner so that you can take action if required. Whether you have reason to suspect internal fraud or feel that your company is suffering from financial mismanagement, our team is on hand to help.

Forensic Services Includes:
  • Examine Financial Records

  • Report Findings in a comprehensive manner

  • Services are customized for each clients needs

Call us today for more information about our forensic accounting services or to schedule a consultation with a certified forensic accountant.

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